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Dolphin Liberty 200 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner - Open Box

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  • Certified Open Box - Fully inspected, tested, and like-new condition
  • Dolphin's First Battery Operated Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • Very light and compact, ideal for pools up to 10m long, including in-ground and above ground pools
  • Cleaning cycle of 1.5 hours
  • Inductive charging time 6 hours
  • Ergonomic design, only 17lbs, easy to handle and empties quickly when removed from the water
  • Large capacity inner filter basket with top access and transparent lid
  • Tracked traction for perfect grip on all surfaces
  • Active front brush, rotates at twice the speed of the robot, optimal cleaning of dirt embedded in all types of coatings
  • CleverClean™ scanning software and navigation system
  • Manufactured by Maytronics, world's leading manufacturer of robotic pool cleaners
  • Easy installation (plug & play)

Introducing the Certified Open Box version of Dolphin's First Battery Operated Robotic Pool Cleaner - The Dolphin Liberty 200.

The Dolphin Liberty 200 is not just a pool cleaner; it's a revolution in pool maintenance. This remarkable device is exceptionally lightweight and compact, making it the perfect choice for pools up to 10 meters in length, whether they are in-ground or above ground. Its unique design and cutting-edge technology combine to deliver an exceptional pool cleaning experience.

One of its standout features is its lightning-fast cleaning cycle, completing the job in just 1.5 hours. Gone are the days of waiting for hours on end for your pool cleaner to finish its task. With the Dolphin Liberty 200, your pool will be ready for enjoyment in no time.

Charging the Dolphin Liberty 200 is a breeze, taking only 6 hours for a full charge. This means you can have your robotic cleaner ready to tackle your pool at your convenience. Its ergonomic design, weighing in at just 17 pounds, allows for easy handling, and it can be swiftly removed from the water when the cleaning is done. You'll appreciate how effortless pool maintenance becomes with this device.

The Dolphin Liberty 200 doesn't just clean your pool; it does so with finesse. Its large capacity inner filter basket, featuring convenient top access and a transparent lid, ensures effective debris collection. No more hassles with clogged filters or hard-to-reach debris; the Dolphin Liberty 200 has you covered.

What sets this robotic pool cleaner apart is its exceptional traction. Equipped with tracked traction, it provides a superior grip on all surfaces, from the pool floor to the walls. Its active front brush rotates at double the speed of the robot, guaranteeing thorough cleaning, even in cases of dirt embedded in various types of pool coatings.

But it doesn't stop there. The Dolphin Liberty 200 takes pool cleaning to a whole new level with its advanced CleverClean™ scanning software and navigation system. This intelligent technology ensures precise and efficient cleaning of your pool's floor, leaving no corner untouched. You can trust that every nook and cranny of your pool will be spotless.

Manufactured by Maytronics, a renowned leader in robotic pool cleaners, the Dolphin Liberty 200 embodies the excellence and reliability that Maytronics is known for. You can have peace of mind knowing that your investment in this cutting-edge pool cleaner is backed by the expertise and reputation of a trusted industry leader.

Installation couldn't be simpler – it's a "plug & play" solution. No complicated setups or installations required. Just plug it in, and watch as the Dolphin Liberty 200 effortlessly takes care of your pool's cleanliness.

Experience the convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind that the Dolphin Liberty 200 brings to your pool maintenance routine. With its exceptional features, advanced technology, and reliable performance, it's the perfect addition to any pool owner's toolkit. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual pool cleaning and hello to the Dolphin Liberty 200 – your trusted partner in maintaining a sparkling clean pool.

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