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Aquabot Rapids 2000 Robotic Pool Cleaner

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  • Clean your pool like never before. With waterline cleaning, gyroscope, and more, the new Aquabot Rapids 2000 robotic pool cleaner
  • Perfect for inground and above-ground pools up to 50ft
  • Includes Caddy, Remote, Weekly Timer Power Supply
  • Includes 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Current model for 2024 Aquabot

Remote Control to Spot Clean Hard to Reach Areas

The Aquabot Rapids 2000 enhances pool cleaning convenience with its remote control feature, specifically designed to tackle hard-to-reach areas. This functionality allows users to direct the cleaner to specific spots that require additional attention, ensuring a thorough and customized cleaning experience. Whether it's a secluded corner or near pool fixtures, the Aquabot Rapids 2000 addresses these challenges effortlessly, making it an essential tool for maintaining a pristine pool environment.

Cleans and Scrubs Pool Floor, Cove, Walls, and Waterline

Designed for comprehensive cleaning, the Aquabot Rapids 2000 meticulously cleans and scrubs every part of your pool. From the floor to the cove, walls, and even the waterline, this robotic cleaner leaves no surface untouched. Its advanced brushing system effectively removes dirt, algae, and debris, ensuring a sparkling clean pool that's ready for you to enjoy. The Aquabot Rapids 2000 guarantees an all-encompassing clean, providing pool owners with peace of mind and more time to relax.

Extra Long 60’ Cable

Equipped with an extra-long 60-foot cable, the Aquabot Rapids 2000 is designed to reach every corner of your pool without any hassle. This extensive reach makes it suitable for pools of various sizes, ensuring that no area is left uncleaned. The generous length of the cable provides flexibility and convenience, eliminating the need for frequent repositioning of the power source and making the cleaning process seamless and efficient.

Dual Drive Motors

The Aquabot Rapids 2000 is powered by dual drive motors, providing it with exceptional maneuverability and power. This feature allows the cleaner to navigate across various pool surfaces with ease, including climbing walls and overcoming obstacles. The dual motors also enhance the cleaner's speed and efficiency, ensuring a faster and more thorough cleaning process. With this technology, the Aquabot Rapids 2000 delivers unmatched performance in pool cleaning.

Top Loading Filter Baskets (with clear window)

Innovation meets convenience with the Aquabot Rapids 2000's top-loading filter baskets, featuring a clear window. This design allows for easy access to the debris collected during the cleaning process, simplifying the task of emptying and maintaining the cleaner. The clear window provides a visual indication of when the basket needs to be emptied, ensuring the cleaner operates at optimal efficiency. This thoughtful feature reduces maintenance time and enhances the overall user experience.

Multi-Cycle Cleaning Programs (1hr., 1.5hr., and 2.5hr.)

The Aquabot Rapids 2000 offers customizable cleaning solutions with its multi-cycle cleaning programs. Users can select from 1-hour, 1.5-hour, or 2.5-hour cleaning cycles to match the specific needs of their pool. This flexibility allows for efficient use of energy and time, catering to various pool sizes and levels of dirt accumulation. Whether you're in need of a quick clean or a thorough scrub, the Aquabot Rapids 2000 has a program to fit your schedule.

AquaSmart Gyro System for Intelligent Tangle-Free Cleaning

Featuring the innovative AquaSmart Gyro System, the Aquabot Rapids 2000 delivers intelligent, tangle-free cleaning. This advanced technology enables the cleaner to navigate the pool in a logical pattern, preventing the cable from tangling and ensuring comprehensive coverage of the pool's surface. The AquaSmart Gyro System optimizes cleaning efficiency and time, making pool maintenance hassle-free and more effective.

“Cartridge Full” Indicator

The Aquabot Rapids 2000 is equipped with a "Cartridge Full" indicator, which alerts users when the filter basket is full and needs to be emptied. This feature ensures the cleaner maintains its high performance by preventing overfilling, which could hinder its cleaning capabilities. The indicator is a convenient reminder that helps keep the Aquabot Rapids 2000 running smoothly, ensuring a consistently clean pool.

Complete with Free Caddy

The Aquabot Rapids 2000 comes complete with a free caddy, providing an added level of convenience for storage and mobility. This accessory makes it easy to transport the cleaner around the pool area and store it when not in use. The caddy is designed to perfectly fit the cleaner, ensuring it is securely held in place. This thoughtful addition enhances the overall user experience, making pool maintenance even more effortless.


The Aquabot Rapids 2000 is compatible with external timers*, allowing for even greater control over the cleaning schedule. This feature enables users to set specific times for the cleaner to operate, fitting seamlessly into their routine and ensuring the pool is always ready for use. The compatibility with external timers adds a layer of convenience, automating the cleaning process and providing flexibility in pool maintenance.


The Aquabot Rapids 2000 is backed by a 2-year full warranty**, offering peace of mind to users. This warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship, ensuring that your investment is protected. With this comprehensive warranty, users can enjoy the benefits of the Aquabot Rapids 2000 with confidence, knowing that support is available should any issues arise.

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